Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?


Simply click the “Start" button at the bottom of this screen to review our plan options. Then set up an appointment with one of our Strategists to help you find the right plan for you.

How does a website affect church growth?


A website is one of the most valuable tools in your marketing plan. It is where new visitors learn about your church and where existing members check scheduling and services. In fact, more than 17 million people who are not regular church goers visit church websites each year. You may only have one opportunity on your website for a first impression. Therefore your website is crucial to impact those searching for help or a church community in your area.

How do the weekly website updates work?


The Pro WEBFIRE team will handle design and coding updates weekly based on your plan to keep updated and engaging content at the forefront, creating a user-friendly experience that feels fresh and new all the time. And with an easy-to-use CMS system, adding pictures, videos, or new content is faster, easier, and smooth for your team. You can leave all the updates for the website to the Pro WEBFIRE team or you can make quick updates to text, image, or calendar changes with our easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) at anytime.

How long does it take for our website to be launched?


Timing can fluctuate based on your church’s individual needs, as well as information, assets, and approvals throughout the process. We value consistency and professionalism with every step, and care about doing it right the first time. Rush options are available at additional cost but are still dependent on the overall process.

What is the process for the weekly podcasts?


The podcast service is a done for you solution by our team weekly. You can record an intro or outro for your podcast or we can create it for you. Each week we will upload the podcast to iTunes and Google. Hosting is included in each of our plans.

Is there a contract?


The pricing plan is based on the cost of your full website build up front with a 1-year agreement of a maintenance plan paid monthly or prepaid annually.  A subscription will be for a term of 12 months and will automatically renew for successive 12-month terms unless and until you cancel your subscription within 30 days of the end of the subscription term.

What does the on-going digital strategy sessions look like?


Our on-going strategy is where we serve you at the highest level to stay up with the current digital trends and reach the most amount of people for Christ.

We will setup a one hour video conference to discuss analytics, SEO and specific ideas or strategies you want to explore.  Our team will then prepare a sustainable optimization strategy that can be adjusted monthly or quarterly depending on your chosen plan. The strategy objective is to help your church grow stronger online and in the weekly church attendance.

How does your digital outreach WEBFIRE campaigns work?


All plans include monthly digital outreach on Facebook. Instagram, Google Search and YouTube are available on the Wildfire and Explosive plan..

Every plan includes a designated number of WEBFIRE campaigns annually beyond the normal monthly digital outreach management.

The WEBFIRE campaigns are custom digital campaigns with advanced strategies for events such as Easter, Christmas or conferences.

The WEBFIRE campaign begins with a video conference strategy session that covers event, target, and purpose. Our team crafts a unique ad strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Google Search or YouTube.

The team will create a custom online experience with advanced methods to engage the visitors as per the event and target audience.

Ads and copy are designed by the creative and digital outreach teams. Landing pages are designed by the web development team. . The digital outreach team will optimize and manage the entire campaign.

The advertising cost of all Facebook, Instagram, Google Search and YouTube ads is not covered in your monthly subscription plan. All ad spend is the responsibility of the client.
We make it easy to launch a digital outreach campaign by scheduling a WEBFIRE campaign at least 1 month in advance for your chosen dates. You pick the date and we will do the rest! Custom plans will have custom solutions with monthly digital outreach management.  

What are the limits to website updates?


Updates include photos, images, calendar/events, forms, text and video changes as per your plan either monthly or weekly. Updates can be made by our team or yours with the CMS (Content Management System). Pro WEBFIRE is a done-for-you solution and we will handle all your updates if you so choose. Certain plans also include additional pages per month.

Are graphics and videos included in the website plans?


The Pro WEBFIRE team  will create custom graphics and coding for the development of your website during the build out phase prior to going live. The Pro WEBFIRE plans do not include the creation of custom graphics and video for your live website updates.

Our sister company Pro Media Fire can handle all graphics and videos needed for on-going live website updates with the addition of an active Pro Media Fire plan. Your team is responsible to either provide the media to Pro WEBFIRE web developers or sign-up for a Pro Media Fire plan which can be found here.

How does your refund policy work?


The 100% unconditional money back guarantee is available until your first round of concepts or within 30 days of your first payment charge date, whichever comes first. That is a true no-hassle guarantee.

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